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Crypto and Blockchain Weekly Wrap Up - 30 November

Crypto and Blockchain Weekly Wrap Up - 23 November

Crypto and Blockchain Weekly Wrap Up - 16 November

Crypto and Blockchain Weekly Wrap Up - 9 November

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin – Understanding the Basics

Crypto and Blockchain Weekly Wrap Up - 26 October

Crypto and Blockchain Weekly Wrap Up - 19 October

Crypto and Blockchain Weekly Wrap Up - 12 October

Crypto and Blockchain Weekly Wrap Up - 5 October

Crypto and Blockchain Weekly Wrap Up - 28 September

Crypto and Blockchain Weekly Wrap Up - 21 September

Crypto and Blockchain Weekly Wrap Up - 14 September

Crypto and Blockchain Weekly Wrap Up - 7 September

CCI V2 is here - Meet CryptoTechNews

The Challenges of a Borderless Idea, in a Centralised World

The Disruptive Potential of Blockchain on Financial Inclusion

Can Banks Beat Bitcoin? EU Parliament Report Reveals How

G20 Pushes Back Deadline on Crypto Specific Guidelines

Can You Travel with Crypto?

Meet the BLOCKLOAN team: Akasha Indream our Blockchain Corporate Strategy Advisor

Coinbase to List Coins considered Securities with Regulator Approval

Mastercard Takes Patent and Box Seat for Crypto Payments


Characteristics of Banking Based on the Blockchain

BLOCKLOAN - Blockchain Global Lending Marketplace

BLOCKLOAN at World Blockchain Summit – 19- 20 July 2018

Could Iran Turn to Bitcoin As Currency?

Utility Tokens Gaining Greater Acceptance As Being Real

Bancor Suffers $12million Hack Sparking Heated Response

Crypto Course to Feature at London School of Economics

An Alliance Between Marketing and Consumer Data Protection - Q&A with Ziva

IBM Inks $740million Deal with Australian Government for Blockchain Platform

Largest EU ETF Firm Takes Position In Crypto Products

Australian-based ICO, Nauticus Exchange to Launch with 100 Cryptocurrencies

Malta Leading the Way as Blockchain-Friendly Jurisdiction

Will the SEC Target Cryptocurrency Exchanges in a New Crackdown Wave?

Will Institutional Capital Boost the Growth of Crypto Market in Coming Months?

Wall Street Entry Into Crypto To Bring ‘Tens of Trillions’

Coinbase to Launch Charity to Help Unbanked

The Real Reason South Korea’s Financial Supervisory Service Wants to Relax Cryptocurrency Regulations

1 in 5 Financial Institutions Wants to Trade Cryptos, Thomson Reuters Survey Shows

Cyber Crime: Why Japan’s Financial Services Agency Wants Exchanges to Drop Some Cryptos

Will Corporate Adoption of Blockchain Boost the Cryptocurrency Industry?

Q&A with Mark Foster - Cryptonoid Founder

Ripple-Binance Funds: Will they Accelerate Blockchain Mainstreaming?

Decentralisation of Money will be Driven by Central Banks, not Bitcoin

Property Mogul Richard Hilton to Auction $38 Million Mansion & Accept Crypto Bids

Q&A Nina Bandegi - Innovation, Blockchain, Smart Contracts

Q&A with Moonlighting - Revolutionising Recruitment and Freelance Work with Blockchain

Spanish Banking Consortium Niuron Will Develop Blockchain Platform to Identify Clients

US Bank, Commercial Bank is Supporting Crypto Clients

Why Three in Four Corporates See a Compelling Case for Blockchain Technology

New Crypto Research to be Published by Bank of International Settlements

Novogratz Invests $15mil in Crypto Start Up

German Finance Regulator Chief: Blockchain is ‘Revolutionary’

Altcoins Hammered in the Bear Market

Q&A with ZAZA's co-founder, Zhazira Lepess

Q&A Mason Marcobello - Bilingual Writer, Cryptocurrency Advisor, Consultant and Amazon Influencer

Q&A Akasha Indream AKA Miss Blockchain - Leading Women in Blockchain and Promoting Social Good

German Government: Crypto Not a Threat to Financial Stability

Driving for Worldwide Rules for Crypto Exchanges

Cryptocurrencies are Legal in Poland, but not ICOs

JP Morgan CEO, Jamie Dimon says ‘Just Beware’ regarding Bitcoin

Coinbase To Become Regulated Securities Firm

Ex-Ripple CTO to Take On Ethereum with New Smart Contracts Platform

Q&A Simon Cocking - Tech & CryptoCoin News Pioneer

ICO Bubble Bursting is a Good Thing, says Binance Head of Labs

Apple Co-Founder Big Believer in Bitcoin

Binance to Launch $1 Billion ‘Social Impact Fund’

Australia’s First Town to Embrace Use of Crypto

Opinion - Ripple CEO and his View on Bitcoin Driving the Crypto Market

Central Banks Need to Take On Crypto, implies IMF Official

Ripple signs up Kuwait Finance House for Instant Cross-Border Payments

Japan’s Gaming Giant Gumi Launches $30mil Blockchain Investment Fund

Crypto Assets Do Not Currently Threaten Global Financial Stability, says Central Bank of Russia

Only 8% of Blockchain Projects are Still Alive

South Korea’s Government Committee Planning to Legalise ICOs

World’s First Blockchain Job Platform is Here, Laborx

Consider Blockchain or ‘Risk Falling Behind’ implies Deloitte Report

World Regulatory Guide for Cryptocurrencies

Governor of UK’s Central Bank Open-Minded on Central Bank Issued Digital Currency

Expert Wall Street Blockchain Analyst Bullish on Bitcoin

AMEX Bolsters Membership Rewards Program by Integrating Blockchain

Criminal Probe Underway in US into Bitcoin Price Manipulation

Money Forward Inc, Huge Japanese FinTech to Launch Crypto Exchange

Singapore to Enhance Regulatory Framework for Decentralised Exchanges

Crypto Proponent John McAfee says Crypto Bull Rally is Coming

Taiwan To Drive Blockchain Growth

ICO Issuers Looking Outside the US to Launch

Aussies Duped $2million in Crypto Scams in 2017

Could ‘e-franc’ Really Become Switzerland’s National Digital Currency?

EU Parliament Looks to Blockchain, Implies Eva Kaili

Renown VC Lightspeed To Step Up Crypto Investments

A Beginners Guide to Cryptocurrency - The Origins, Buying and Storing

Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange teams up with Accenture and The Floor to build Blockchain Lending Platform

Twitter CEO Suggests that Bitcoin Could Become the Native Currency of the Net

JP Morgan Appoints Head of Crypto Assets Strategy

Circle now ‘Bitcoin Unicorn’ after $110 million Series E Round

CoinBase to Introduce Products to Suit Institutional Investors

Get CoinDesk’s Q1 2018 State of Blockchain Report

Huawei and BTC.com Partner to Deliver Crypto App

Blockchain To ‘Drive This Next Industrial Revolution’: U.S. Mutual Fund VP

Bahrain Targets Blockchain Use to Cut Costs of Vehicle Data Storage

Bitcoin over Swift for International Money Lending? German Online Bank Paves Way

‘People’s Revolution’ Remarks Mike Novogratz of Crypto

Fundstrat Research House say Mining will Push Bitcoin Price to $36k in 2019

Robinhood to Build One of the World’s ‘Largest Crypto Platforms’

CoinBase Board Member to Lead Facebook’s Exploratory Blockchain Team

Bloomberg Partners with ex-Hedge Fund Billionaire’s Merchant Bank to Launch Crypto Index

‘World-Changing’ Technology, Remarks U.S. Congressman on Blockchain

Australian Government Supporting Blockchain Exploration with $500k Budget

Bring On Regulations, say Europe’s Cryptocurrency Brokers

ICO’s ‘Necessary’ Says Binance CEO

Warren Buffett Says Bitcoin is ‘Rat Poison Squared’

Japan Puts Out More Crypto Exchange Regulation

‘Positive Aspects’ of Crypto Says South Korean Regulator

Melbourne Based Cryptocurrency Exchange, Nauticus Raises $16.8mil Before its Main Sale

Goldman Sachs to Trade Bitcoin

Is Ethereum a Security? Not by Ethereum Co-Founder’s Count

Telegram To Cancel Public ICO

Australian Regulator Steps Up its Action on ‘Deceptive’ ICOs

ASX to Integrate Blockchain Technology by 2020

Blockchain Being Employed to Fight Fake News by European Commission

Blockchain Insurance Collaboration Between ANZ, IBM and Suncorp

SEC Commissioner on ICOs: Focus Needs to be on Consumer Protection

After Integrating Crypto Trading, FinTech Revolut Hits Valuation of $1.7 Billion

Bitcoin “Not a Value-Producing Asset” says Warren Buffett

Canada Expected to Treat ICO’s in a Similar Vain to the US

Entersoft, Cyber Security Powerhouse Flawless In $1Billion+ in ICO’s

$40 Trillion Cryptocurrency Market Cap possible? “Defintely” says Pantera

17th Million Bitcoin About to be Mined

Crypto Market Cap Takes on Facebook. No?

Binance Labs Invests $30mil Into MobileCoin

Dow Jones Media Group Tracking Eight Other Cryptocurrencies

Resilient Tezos Team Aiming to Launch in 2018

JP Morgan using Blockchain? Of course they are.

ETH & XRP Likely ‘Noncompliant Securities Says Former US Gov Regulator

Can Bitcoin Price Test $10kUS?

Bithumb to Conduct ICO in Switzerland

Top 15 Indian Blockchain Startups in 2018

Robinhood, Free Crypto Trading App, Launches in Colorado with Bitcoin & Ethereum

Amazon Web Services Introduces Blockchain Framework

Insurers Excited by Blockchain versus Tired ‘Bankers’

Cryptocurrencies Similar to Candy Crush Game Currency Suggests Wall Street Expert

CryptoChicks: Inaugural Female-Focussed Blockchain Conference & Hackathon

Saxo Bank Optimistic on Crytpocurrency Bull Market in Q2

$6.3 Billion Already in 2018 ICO funding

Intrupay Provides Cross Border Remittances and Payment Gateway for Africa

Telegram CEO Using Bitcoin to Nullify Russia’s Telegram Ban

Huawei Launches Blockchain Platform

Big Investment Fund Names in Crytpo. Really?

Crytocurrency ‘Exchanges’ Probed by New York Authorities

Crypto Wallet Blockchain Recruits Former Goldman Sachs VP

Crytpo Asset Management’s Pillars for ICO Investing

Coinbase’s Bold Move of Acquiring Earn.com

Japan Has No Intention for Central Bank Cryptocurrency

Do You Know About Taxes and ICO's?

Some Insights Into the Top Cryptocurrencies

A Beginners Guide to Cryptocurrency

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