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Q&A Akasha Indream AKA Miss Blockchain - Leading Women in Blockchain and Promoting Social Good

Posted by Michael Phillipou on June 13, 2018

This week we had the pleasure to catch up with Akasha Indream, founder and community manager of a 500 strong group for women in blockchain on Telegram (WIBI.IO) and publisher of MissBlockchain.Tech, an online news portal that celebrates blockchain for social good. 

"Your investors are also your community."

Following she tells us about her passion and leadership in this exciting space. 

1. Tell us about your background in Blockchain and ICO businesses

We each get involved in the cryptocurrency industry because it has meaning to us. What exactly that meaning is differs from person to person, but it’s a meaning that somehow goes above and beyond mere financial gain and commercial wealth - otherwise, we would still be operating and working just in the fiat system. 

That’s the the crucial element that anyone doing an ICO or blockchain enterprise has to be ready to tackle head on. Because your investors are also your community. They are the people who have made the call to believe in you. So what are you doing to create, foster, and honour that belief? 

So far, I’ve worked and am working with health, environmental, entertainment, energy, transport and advertising ICOs, and I help them represent themselves more authentically to their communities. If you think about a national currency, it might have hundreds of years, and millions of people, who have contributed to a belief in what it stands for. It’s amazing that cryptocurrencies have come so far in the time that they have, but they are still evolving as a system of value. 

Cryptocurrencies have to transition beyond the cult-like status, the hyperbole and hype, and they do this by very honestly and clearly representing what change they are here to bring, why it is needed, and how this will make the world better! This is the “who what how and why” of mature, post-capitalist entrepreneurship. And these are the kinds of cryptocurrencies I work with.  


2. What do you think is so remarkable about blockchain? 

What attracts me to blockchain is its capacity to incentivise and support systems of collaboration. Blockchain allows you to fractionalize anything that we deem valuable, into an asset that's measurable, definable, and shareable.  

That means that the future measure of value itself becomes denatured from the impositions of historical  mercantile culture. We are entering a renaissance of decentralised and distributed definitions of value. Why is one job, one resource, worth more than another? Who chose that? Why can’t we change that? Now, we can, and collectively redefine value from the bottom up. 

This process will have a huge liberating effect on human society that goes far beyond the sexual, gender, or race liberation we have seen in modern times. People will get to determine again, for themselves and collectively, what actions and what resources have most meaning for them, and reward those activities or conservation of resources accordingly.  

If the world populace are in control again of what will be rewarded and how, what people choose from now on will have a huge impact on world culture over time, and how we treat each other and our resources. The extractive world that we know will change beyond recognition to a collaborative one again, given enough time, as that is what will be incentivised.  


3. Which industry do you think will be most disrupted by blockchain technology? 

By our children’s lifetimes, the ultimate institutions that will be disrupted by blockchain technology will be governments and the nature of finance itself. 

We are in the end game stages of globalisation - and transitioning into a phase of global identity. The advent of satellite and wireless technology have meant that the human sense of connectedness is no longer separated by time or distance. In the mind of the new person, the next generation, they will want to travel wherever they want to, and have a currency that works anywhere anytime, and will not see why they can’t do this. They will insist on this until it becomes the reality.  

Centralised governments arose out of a need to document and mediate trade in order to maintain the common good. If trade is now documented on the blockchain, and mediated through smart contracts which transcend national borders, the idea of taxes and big governments becomes moot. Their top heavy nature becomes outdated, and will be dropped in the name of efficiency as part of ongoing social evolution. Who knows what comes next? 




4. What project are you most excited about right now and why? 

There’s a number of projects I’m working on that I’m incredibly excited about, and I only expect this number to keep growing, because the ingenuity of entrepreneurs to use this new tool of blockchain, and the creativity of the developers themselves, is unceasing.  

I like to get involved in projects that have a short term real world impact, and also have the potential to keep growing beyond that to keep meeting people’s needs. 

IoMob.net decentralises transport, by providing an open source technology stack that allows any mobility as a service operator to build or access white label distributed applications that runs on the IoMob backbone and offers their transport option to customers wherever they are simply by accessing the IoMob App. So the mobility as a service operator can keep their brand, and their local clientele, whilst accessing all the benefits of a global platform, and people who travel can access all legal forms of multi-modal transport, public and private all from one app. 

There’s also Wizebit.com which is a cryptographically secure AI home assistant that runs on blockchain. Privacy is very important for human dignity, as it ensures our personal preferences and actions can’t be weaponised against us - it protects us from untoward influence. So the future of smart IoT technology and AI data collection for deep learning must be on blockchain.  

Another is Allrites.com, which is already a film rights platform that is adopting blockchain as part of its business model to improve revenue for filmmakers and access to markets -  by removing middlemen and making the rights distribution process more transparent. It also helps filmmakers raise funding for future films by allowing them to fractionalize ownership of the films. This will be a great boost to creative expression, allowing people to make the films they want to, in the way they want to, and still get rewarded whilst having increased options for getting them to audiences around the world who can appreciate them.  

Want to find out what else I’m working on? Come talk to me! 


5. What advice would you give to consumers/investors thinking about investing in Initial Coin Offerings? 

When you are assessing ICOs, you have to think like a “shark”. How many people will see value in this because it directly helps them? How many people have wealth generated for them because of this platform such that they will want to keep using it? What is this platform’s competitive edge? A blockchain platform needs to have a compelling reason for existing that is self-sustaining otherwise it will simply be replaced by a better entrepreneurial solution in the not too distant future. 

So, really look how mature a project is as a startup. Do they have an MVP (minimal viable product) beyond mere wireframes? Do the team not just have cryptocurrency experience, but real entrepreneurship and operational experience? Get on the Telegram channel for the ICO and get to know the team personally.  

Not just that, do the team have the experience to protect themselves and your investment in these uncertain times? And this means do they have a cohesive branding image, a solid and consistent marketing strategy, and do they have a cybersecurity team to make sure that their raise and their operational development tokens are safe? Having a good idea and not protecting it is against bad actors is not enough.  

If you don’t feel you have the knack to assess a project on these terms, stick to airdrops that are free. You can subscribe to reputable airdrop alerts on Telegram and Twitter - just be aware, if it asks for Ethereum, it’s not an airdrop, it’s a scam. And have a dedicated email address, as ICOs often make airdrop spreadsheets public.  


6. What is your prediction about the price of Bitcoin by end of 2018? 

I feel that the Bitcoin market may have reached a point of saturation for now. Many people who are new to cryptocurrency and haven’t bought yet have many more options now on exchanges for converting their fiat dollars into cryptocurrency beyond Bitcoin.  

I think that the growing awareness of how centralised the ownership of Bitcoin is has been quite damaging to its reputational value. Smart people don’t necessarily want to invest large quantities in something that someone else can dump on anytime. I’m not saying the price won’t go up, as we move towards 10% or 25% population ownership of cryptocurrency, I’m just saying that there are many other, smarter, purchase choices out there, that may present a greater ROI.  

I would be surprised if we don’t see another bull run to $20,000 again at some point this year, but it’s not something that I personally am investing in.  

Want to stay in touch? You can subscribe to Akasha’s updates on Telegram @missblockchaintech or follow her on Twitter @cryptokenwoman.  

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