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Q&A with ZAZA's co-founder, Zhazira Lepess

Posted by Aisha Hillary-Morgan on June 13, 2018

We had the pleasure of chatting with Zhazira Lepess the co-founder of ZAZA, a Business Platform and B2B network powered by Blockchain technology. It's inspiring to watch so many innovative initiatives and watching women power forward in this space. See below Zhazira's insights on the industry and the future of ZAZA.

1. Tell us about ZAZA

ZAZA is a decentralised Business Platform and B2B network powered by Blockchain technology. Our mission is to provide a global business platform where companies are able to improve their business activity, achieve their business goals and create worldwide trustworthy partnerships. What we aim to do is help companies create reliable, valuable and decentralised B2B connections. Establish what is missing today in the B2B industry: the TRUST factor.


2. What problem does it solve? 

Our platform will solve many problems that the B2B market is currently facing such as: difficulties in finding deals, trust issues between potential and existing partners, high cost of advertising, lack of transparency in B2B procedures. The platform will have 3 core functionalities:

  1. Deal Generator - Publish and get deals in real time from a chosen categorized audience.
  2. Trading Platform - Trade securely and fast through smart contracts.
  3. B2B Network - Create trustworthy connections and powerful business network

Blockchain will add value by providing:

• Transparency of business activity
Reliable reviews and rating system
• Actual market reputation of a company
• Secured deals
• Transparency of the Trading Process from one end to another.                                


3. Who will benefit? 

All businesses from SME’s to large companies, the more they will use the platform as a daily tool, the more benefits they will get from it. Benefits can be enormous and vary from one business to another depending on their daily requirements and goals. ZAZA will help them find new deals faster, evaluate new partners and clients, build trust in an international level and connect B2B without barriers or obstacles.


4. What progress have you made as a company? 

We have been working on this project for more than 1 year and there is already an initial product ready. Interface, front end and back end are still under development and will be developed in parallel with our upcoming Token Sale. There will be 3 stages of Pre-Sale and main Token Sale - in each and every one of them we will show how funds were used and in which stage of development is the actual product. There will be a testing phase of a Beta product in October later this year and finally launch a fully operational platform in Q1 2019.

Building a valuable community is very important to us so we are very active on our Social Media and try to answer to all doubts and questions about ZAZA.

We have an amazing team of 9 people currently working on board, we work as well with many decentralised teams worldwide: from US, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Russia, Kazakhstan, Italy, Germany and other countries in different aspects of the project.


5. Who are you competing with? 

We are competing with some projects based on a B2B network concept. Our advantage is that we are one of the first in the industry to come with a 3 in 1 full-option platform. ZAZA is cutting the middleman and offering a completed business suite that will help companies boost their business activity and succeed in the market.


6. Why will ZAZA win? 

We are solving some of the biggest challenges and problems currently faced in the market.

We are one of the first to apply Blockchain as the latest technology in the B2B market and getting the benefits out of it.

We have a strong, passionate team that will never give up until we make this project a true success.

And finally, we are building a new reality for the B2B industry.

We look forward to watching ZAZA grow and expand. More to come from this exciting space.


You can read a little more about Zhazira below:

Zhazira Lepess 

Zhazira is a brilliant serial entrepreneur. Her diverse business experience brought the idea about developing a business eco-system, that will bring Smart Efficient Solutions to the current B2B market.

She strongly believes that Blockchain is the Future of every industry, this is why she improves herself day by day, always eager to learn more.

She attended the ''Blockchain Strategy'' program from University of Oxford and she's always ready to accept new upcoming challenges.

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