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The Challenges of a Borderless Idea, in a Centralised World

Posted by Michael Phillipou on July 30, 2018
I read with great interest the recent Forbes article which reported on Richard Branson’s ‘off the record’ discussion with the former prime minister of Belgium, Guy Verhofstadt (engineered by European Parliament member Eva Kaili), who is now a key advisor in the process of supporting the Brexit process on behalf of the European Parliament.
Branson has been an early investor in blockchain companies which have in turn help to break down borders, which is something he is exceptionally passionate about. 
“As I said last night, we’ve got to go back to why [the European Union] was set up,” Branson said, speaking in the Kanoun dining room of his Marrakesh retreat. “Europe was set up to create a borderless society where people could love, marry, party, dance together, and it would be too sad to see it go back the other way.”
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The Disruptive Potential of Blockchain on Financial Inclusion

Posted by Aisha Hillary-Morgan on July 27, 2018

Technology and data advancement is rapidly providing us with tools for greater and data-driven insights. We are looking at new ways to solve old, longstanding problems.

LenddoEFL is a fantastic example. Through data and tech, LenddoEFL provide financial service providers, all around the world, an alternative tool to help measure a consumer's creditworthiness. 

We know that blockchain technology walks hand in hand with disruption and innovation, therefore, we wanted to hear what the pioneers at LenddoEFL's thought on this hot-topic.

We had a chat with Jeff Stewart, LenddoEFL's Co-Founder & Chairman, who shared some of his insights into the use of blockchain for companies and how it can impact consumers. Check it out!

"The new innovations are opening up the possibility of consumers having more control over who sees what information when and being able to track who has seen it."

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Can You Travel with Crypto?

Posted by Aisha Hillary-Morgan on July 20, 2018
Whilst many argue the usability of crypto, a number of new and exciting projects are taking place in different industries. 
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Posted by Aisha Hillary-Morgan on July 18, 2018

Decentralised and global, BLOCKLOAN is bridging the crypto and cash gap. This piece covers the how it works, how to apply, the crypto-equity margin lending model, the ICO and key features. Also the whole profitability model. Read on for a deeper understanding.

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Characteristics of Banking Based on the Blockchain

Posted by Aisha Hillary-Morgan on July 18, 2018

Today we are going to delve deeper into the technology behind BLOCKLOAN.

BLOCKLOAN provides an extraordinary platform and concept when it comes to global lending.

This includes:

● Traditional, non-traditional and Al credit scoring

● Worldwide crypto private lending

● Lending against equity portfolios to invest in crypto

● End to end loan application and management

● Efficient collection systems through local partnerships

● Crypto debit card that can be used globally

● Pooled resources, where people can borrow from. This minimizes the risk.

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BLOCKLOAN - Blockchain Global Lending Marketplace

Posted by Aisha Hillary-Morgan on July 18, 2018

Imagine a world where global access to credit was possible in a transparent and fair manner, through blockchain technology?

Imagine accessing credit in real-time, in a simple, easy, cost-effective and transparent way.

Does that get you excited?

Well, welcome to BLOCKLOAN, a platform that will be bridging cash and crypto, anywhere, anytime.

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BLOCKLOAN at World Blockchain Summit – 19- 20 July 2018

Posted by Aisha Hillary-Morgan on July 17, 2018

We all know the Blockchain revolution is here!

This year at the World Blockchain Summit in Singapore, BLOCKLOAN, will be there to introduce you to the next banking on Blockchain solution, bridging crypto and cash, globally.

The World Blockchain Summit is a global series of elite gatherings that take place around the world including UAE, Kenya, Russia, Germany, Singapore, Slovenia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan and China – to name a few.

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Twitter CEO Suggests that Bitcoin Could Become the Native Currency of the Net

Posted by Michael Phillipou on May 18, 2018

As the world is divided on the disruption that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are having on traditional means of currency, the Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey has again publicly voiced his support for Bitcoin, and so much so, that he while he was addressing the crowd at Consensus, he articulated his hope that Bitcoin would be become the native currency, according to Bitcoinist.

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Get CoinDesk’s Q1 2018 State of Blockchain Report

Posted by Michael Phillipou on May 15, 2018

After an extraordinary year in 2017 with ICO’s coming in vogue and cryptocurrency prices reaching dizzy heights, the first quarter of 2018 was plagued by regulatory uncertainty which had a knock on effect to the market.

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Warren Buffett Says Bitcoin is ‘Rat Poison Squared’

Posted by Michael Phillipou on May 7, 2018

Arguably one of the most revered businessmen, Warren Buffett, has yet again signalled his distaste for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies saying that ‘it’s probably rat poison squared.’, according to CCN.

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